Must see for anyone wanting to decipher deep occult (hidden) truths. Source.

EDIT/UPDATE: Only a few days after I published this, the source site,, was pulled from the web and the videos below were made private, as you can see! It was quite a surprise to see this. Later, a quite general statement and the possibility of joining a mailing list, was put up on the site. But why suddenly decide to pull it, and with this timing (right after I republished the videos here on this site). These videos were excellent and had very interesting, and to a degree, revealing information concerning Ed Leedskalnin's big project, Coral Castle, and some of the secrets behind making this special complex of buildings.
This goes to show that important info is a dangerous thing to post on the web, and that if you find something particularly revealing of any kind, you'd better save it immediately as you might risk losing it shortly. THE CENSORSHIP ON THE WEB THESE DAYS IS, IN GENERAL, GROWING TREMENDOUSLY!


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